My Name Is Earl 1×3

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My Name Is Earl: 1x3

Randy's Touchdown

Back in their high school days, Earl ruined Randy’s chance to score a touchdown during a key football game; now Earl must figure out a way to make things right.


The third episode of My Name Is Earl takes a different approach then the last two. Earl adds a new quest to his list and that is getting Randy a touchdown in High school football. The story behind it is that Earl bet money that Randy’s team would lose while he was playing football. Randy helped out by playing horribly, but the last play of the game, down by one touchdown, Randy finds he has the ball and starts running to the end zone. He realizes he could actually score a touchdown but chooses to fumble the ball and lose the game. Earl feels so bad about doing that he gets Randy back in to High school with the worst football team in the area.

Meanwhile Earl’s ex-wife Joy has Earl’s car towed, along with his money hidden under the driver’s seat. When Earl and Randy go to question Joy, Randy accidentally reveals where the money is hidden. The chase is on! Earl gets to the car lot first but the people working there wont let him near the car until he pays the $3,000 in parking violations on it. Joy soon shows up and gets the same answer. So now Earl has to come up with $3,000 to get his car and lottery money back. He knows there is no way to get that much money so he has to break in and steal the car. His plan comes to him when Randy is studying up on History. The Trojan Horse, but instead a car with someone hiding in the trunk.

Joy is still trying to get the money, too. She pawns a bunch of things and gets closer to the $3,000. Earl gets his recently redeemed friend Kenny to help. Kenny’s friend has a car they can use to get towed. After Earl fails to fit in the tiny trunk, Kenny offers to do it for him. This leaves Earl and Catalina free to go to Randy’s Football game. He doesn’t score a touchdown until the final play of the game, in the huddle of the team, Randy says to give the ball to him. They hike and hand the ball off to him and he starts to run for the end zone. He is almost there and he tries to kick the ball over his head and catch it as he walks in to the end zone, but he fumbles and the other team recovers. Earl can’t believe and neither can Randy. He’s so depressed he walks off the field slowly.

As Earl and Catalina try to find Randy and wait for Kenny to return, Joy drives by. She has the $3,000 and is on her way to get Earl’s car. Earl tries to run after her but after about 15 steps stops. Out of breath. Things look bad for Earl but just then he sees his car driving down the road and Randy’s driving it. Earl is dumbfounded. Randy explains to him he bet $3,000 they’d lose the football game. So he had purposely fumbled, losing the game. He used the money to get Earl’s car back. Thing is, Earl wanted Randy to get that touchdown, but Randy explains he cared about Earl and his needs more then a touchdown. Very heart filing episode.

Oct. 04, 2005

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